Welcome to Capital City Ballet

Austin's home for superior classical ballet training in a supportive, healthy environment.

Zoom and small in person classes available NOW!

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CCB brings together the best traditions of Slavin Nadal School of Ballet and Ballet Arts of Austin,

two communities which share a rich history, a deep and guiding philosophy,

and a common vision of excellence and growth.

Our Founding Directors, Kimberly & Joseph Cox and Lori Bodine Benold,

combine to offer more than 75 years of professional dance and instruction experience

to create Central Texas's finest classical ballet training program in a safe environment.


Our COVID-19 Response

In order to protect the health of our families and employees, we are offering in person, masked classes and Zoom for all classes as a choice and as needed. 


We are in the studio for in person classes. Mask and maintain distance. Class sizes will remain small,

space is limited.  Classes are filling.


Please review our Health & Safety Policies for in-studio classes.