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Youth Class Dress Code

Class uniforms are designed to provide visual consistency, reduce distraction, and encourage self-discipline in our youth ballet classes. Capital City Ballet embraces diversity among our dancers, which may entail certain certain dress code exceptions as determined by the instructor.

A different leotard color accompanies each skill level, and level placement and exceptions to uniform decisions are at the teacher's discretion. If you have any questions about level placement or dress code, please stop by the CCB office or email us.


Class-approved styles and colors are available at Movin' Easy Dancewear. You can reach them at (512) 474-0980 or through their CCB-specific website.  Choose "click here to shop" and then enter the Dress Code number that corresponds with the appropriate class level.


  • Dancers in Ballet 2 and above may wear a chiffon wrap-around skirt which lies above the knee and matches the leotard color, unless a teacher finds it is a distraction.

  • Dancers may wear a Black Unitard.


Ballet A through Ballet 3A: White t-shirt, black or navy shorts, white socks and white ballet shoes.

Ballet 3B through Ballet 7: White t-shirt, black or grey tights, dance belt, white socks and white ballet shoes.


Ballet A & B dancers should wear white ankle socks. The dancers wear socks at this age so that teachers can more easily see what their knees are doing in class, and it gives them visual feedback on the same.


Dancers in Ballet 1 and above should wear pink tights, either full-foot or convertible (a hole on the bottom of the foot so the tights can be pulled off the feet before and after class). Crops and stirrups are not permitted. Also, please note that students should be wearing a classic weave specifically for ballet.


We recommend buying shoes at Movin’ Easy for a proper fit. All students may choose between leather or canvas, drawstring or no drawstring styles.  Shoes must be plain (no embellishments).  Shoes for dancers in Ballet A and B are often a little looser so they have room for frequent growth. Please check with us about sizing if you are uncertain whether a new pair of shoes is in order and/or if your dancer is complaining about their shoes hurting.

Modern ballet slippers come with the elastics already sewn. Certain styles come with a single elastic across the instep, while others come with two crossed straps. Either style is fine. Please select shoes based on fit. CCB prefers dancers to wear full-soled shoes through Ballet 5A.

Students must consult with their teacher prior to buying their first pair of pointe shoes.  Typically, one of our faculty members attends the first pointe shoe fitting to ensure proper sizing and to teach the student and the family how to buy this specialized piece of footwear.


We know hair is a challenge. As much as possible, please bring students to class with their hair secured.  Please let us know if you have questions about styles for class and general instructions.

Ballet A through Ballet 1

Hair must be clipped back away from the face and off the neck and shoulders. Eyebrow-length bangs may be left down. Pulling hair into a bun or otherwise securing it to the head is always preferred, but a secure ponytail is fine at this age.

Ballet 2 and above

Starting in Ballet 2, hair must be in a bun or otherwise secured to the head (e.g., butterfly clip, barrettes, French braid with the ends up, etc.). Secure hair keeps classroom distractions at a minimum; teaches self-discipline; allows the head, neck, and shoulders to be seen and adjusted; and keeps hair at bay as students learn to spot during turns. 

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